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White 3" Round Pillars - 3"x8"

3"x4" 3"x6" 3"x8"
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  • SKU 31080
  • 80hrs
  • 3 Pack
  • Assembled in Canada with ingredients from USA, Canada & Europe
  • Ships in 1-4 business days

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Ratings: 4.6 out of 5
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There is no secret to making the best candles, simply put you can't cut corners. That is why all Yummi® pillar candles are made with the highest quality blend of unscented, eco friendly, renewable vegetable wax and premium refined paraffin wax. The width of the pillar starts with a diameter of 2.8" inches and ranges in heights of four, six and eight inches. Yummi® candles wicks are made with pure cotton and nothing else. In the next step Yummi® pillar candles are over dipped in a formula giving the candles a smooth, white matte finish. Finally, you (the customer) decides on applying a color finish to your candle. Your order is received by a certified Yummi® Candles technician that carefully hand dips your candles in your selected color. Depending on the color or finish, your candle may dipped up to three times to attain the perfect color hue, resulting in a colored candle that is up to three inches round. The center of the candle remains white ensuring a clean burning and drip less candle experience that emits the perfect amount of glow and ambience every time.

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