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Some really cool wedding design advice!

2011-05-03 10:07:04.201

Some really cool wedding design advice!


Wedding Design With Candles


More and more brides are deciding that they really want to have it all for their weddings. This is why it has become so popular to have a traditional bridal gown for the ceremony and a sexier dress and trendy crystal jewelry for the reception. Another example is a white wedding ceremony followed by a brightly hued reception (guaranteed to leave an impression).


The trick to having a successful wedding with two distinctive halves is to choose a few elements that you can carry throughout the entire event to give it some continuity. You want your guests to be pleasantly surprised when they make the transition from ceremony to reception; you don't want them to think that they are at the wrong party. So although the ceremony and reception will have different color schemes and different atmospheres, they should still retain some similar characteristics.


An easy and subtle way to link the ceremony and reception is with the candles. You can select a few favorite styles (pillars & tapers) to highlight, and feature them in white for the ceremony and a bright color for your reception. YummiCandles has 40 pantones of candles that would lend themselves to this beautifully.


Punch up the reception by creating a floating candle centerpiece using Hot Pink large floating candles accented by micro floating candles in our exclusive Green Tea pantone. This is a fantastic way to have two distinctive décor schemes that still feel cohesive. As for the rest of the design scheme, just try to establish some sort of common thread between the wedding and reception. For instance, if your ceremony was very formal, perhaps you could decorate your reception in rich shades of Magenta and Navy Blue. An all-white wedding ceremony in a garden could be followed by an informal reception decorated in pinks, yellows, and lilacs.


It would be really fun for the bride to find a way to add some of her bright colors to her attire for the reception. It can be as simple as swapping out one set of accessories for another. For the classic demure bridal look during the ceremony, the timeless beauty of pearl jewelry is ideal. To transition to the party after the service, the bride can exchange her pearls for a set of crystal bridal jewelry that has been custom ordered in her bright colors. It will only take a moment to make the switch, but the impact will be dramatic, and definitely signals that the bride has gone into "party mode".


Sometimes choosing two separate color palettes for your ceremony and reception might be a little more work. At YummiCandles we have tried to make things a little easier by having our professional in-house design team create a color wheel with features that will help you choose color that always compliment.  Our goal was to not limit brides when choosing between their serious side and their fun side. Indulge both sides of your personality to create one truly unique and memorable wedding. It will truly be a one-of-a-kind event.

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