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Basic questions when it comes to perfume and fragrance:

2011-05-03 10:03:55.623

Basic questions when it comes to perfume and fragrance:

What is a perfume?

A perfume is a mixture of two or more perfumery raw materials(natural and/or synthetic) blended together to create their own unique odour.

How is a new perfume developed?

The client sends a brief to the fragrance house, describing the product, concept and marketing background. Other criteriato be taken into account is:

• Base

• Customer Requirement

• Industry Regulations

How is a fragrance developed?

From this information, the perfumer will create his fragrance supported by he evaluator, who with their in depth knowledge of market trends will ensure the fragrance fits the brief and is commercial.

What is a top note?

The first perception of a fragrance is the top note, which gives the fragrance its freshness and sparkle and consists of lighter, fresher more volatile materials, such as citrus, green, aldehydic, ozonic, fruits and herbs.

What is a middle note?

The top note gives way to the middle note or heart of the fragrance, which gives the fragrance its character and consists of florals and spicy notes.

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2011/05/03 01:47:40
That saves me. Tnhaks for being so sensible!

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