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Reversible Candle Holders

2011-05-03 09:59:15.966

Reversible Candle Holders


Dual Purpose Candle Holders

There are many various sorts of candle holders on the market place today but the best is to discover a dual purpose candle holder for home decorating or wedding reception centerpieces.  Reversible candle holders are ideal and convenient when decorating for any season or occasion.

To name a few we have two reversible tealight/taper candle holders which work well for the home or wedding décor.  Both the Cleo and Solid Round holder are modern and contemporary in design and affordable.  Both are suited for a standard taper candle or standard tea light candle

Another attractive two in one candle holder is the Eternity which holds a taper candle or pillar candle.  The Eternity is an elegant candle holder that will compliment any setting and is visually appealing to the eye creating a warm candle glow ambiance. 

Make an impact by displaying several reversible candle holders to create a beautiful candle light arrangement on a table centerpiece setting or mantle at home for a classy and romantic effect.


                     ROUND SOLID Holder                               CLEO Holder                                      ETERNITY Holder

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