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Pink Passion Candle Colors

2011-05-20 10:14:53.728

Pink Passion Candle Colors

Pink Passion Candle Colors



It’s all about style when decorating with pink for the home or weddings. It’s important to break pink up with different shades and to use colors that will balance the pink such as cream, chocolate, black, grey or even purple.Depending on the intensity of the color it can be soothing, warm and relaxing like our Blush and Light Rose or eye popping and energetic like our Hot Pink.

Create a beautiful stunning wedding centerpiece with a floating candle holder, hurricane candle holder , votive candle holder or pillar candle holder accessorized with some acrylic beads or decorative diamonds together with a colorful pink pillar candle , pink votive candle or pink floating candle.

It’s a powerful color, so don’t be afraid to match them up with other soft or bold colors. Inspiring shades of pink in ever-changing hues ensures that the word boring never comes to mind. Get passionate with pink. 


Blush Pink         Hot Pink         Light Rose

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2011/09/05 22:13:40
This is the perfect way to break down this ifnroatmion.

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