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Tale of Two Votives

2011-05-26 11:39:21.642

Tale of Two Votives

Tale of Two Votives

DID YOU KNOW that many people confuse votive candles with tealight candles.  Tea lights are contained in an aluminum cup whereas the votive candles have no cup therefore should always been burned in a candle holder.  There are two sizes of unscented votives, the 10 hr votive candle and 15 hr votive candle.


The 10 hr votive candle is made with compressed powder wax.  The votives are available in white or ivory.  Its’ size is 1.5”x1.5” which burns approximately 8-10 hours.    

The 15hr votive candle is also made with compressed powder wax.  They are hand dipped in your choice of 40 Trendy colors which is ideal and popular for weddings when color is essential.  Its’ size is 1.75”x2” which burns approximately 15 hours in a proper candle holder size.


 TIP….. What size holder should be used for both votive candles?  The smaller diameter size candle holder will guarantee a longer burn time.  Add a little drop of water at the bottom of the holder before lighting the votive will help to clean the glass a lot easier because the wax won’t stick to the glass. Remove wax from holders by running very hot water over them.

Create a beautiful warm candle glow with some scattered votive candle holders arrangement in a group setting on any table, console, mantle or patio for a dramatic illuminating effect.  Votive candles are a favorite among brides for wedding centerpieces because they are inexpensive and long burning making their wedding a night to remember while not breaking their budget.




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