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Square Candles

2011-06-16 16:27:24.93

Square Candles

Square Candles


Square floating candles are designed to burn with or without water. Available in 40 trendy colors.   Add a warm and cozy candlelight glow to any table centerpiece by displaying beautiful floating candles in our square floating candle holders for any occasion.  Round and square floaters are great floating pool candles to light up your pool area with a soft warm candle glow.

Square pillar candles available in three sizes and 40 trendy colors are a perfect alternative to round candles for all occasions and décor.  They are unique and elegant making a statement. Because they are so substantial they can be used alone or consider using square candle holders, hurricane holders or square mirror plates to complete the candle arrangement.

Don’t hesitate to explore your options with color with square candles which will add a little bit of character, simplicity and elegance that will shine and create a wonderful effect to any space or special occasion.

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