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Premium 180g Apothecary Jar

Sheer Chamomile

Soothing white chamomile and lily creates a relaxing aura.  Hints of Anjou pear rose and padouk wood adds warmth and a touch of sweetness.




Italian bergamot Asian mandarin and Yuzu zest make a lively combination to the senses. More effervescence with grapefruit, tangelo and cassis accords invigorate the mood.


Watercress and Aloe


Dewy aloe and white tea set a clean and organic ambiance ending with subtle African cypress and musk notes


Lavender Amber


Luxurious Parisian lavender and fresh sage creates an appetizing feel.  Mid notes of black myrrh and vetiver grass on tonka bean and Egyptian musk finish of this exquisite fragrance.


Ginger and Sandalwood



 A rich and spicy accord with full top notes of lemon zest, citron and amber leading to a spicy and fresh pepper, sage and ginger root.  This all rests upon a warm, sedate base of sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver offers a spa collection in premium 180g apothecary jar with healing fragrances that will suit spa and bathroom d├ęcor. The scented candle jars are made with a natural palm and paraffin wax blend for clean and long burning.