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Scented Oil Diffusers

Yummi Reed diffusers are a great way to add constant fragrance to your home. The diffuser reeds steep up the fragrance oil and disperse the scent into the air. They last until all the fragrance oil disappears. Diffusers work well in places where you always want it to have a nice aroma but can't keep an eye on a candle. Ideal locations are in a foyer so you and your guests are greeted with a stunning fragrance when you walk in, or in a powder room, closet or basement where you always want it to smell nice but it not practical for a candle.  Another great spot is just inside the room near the door so you pick up the scent as you enter the room.  In many cases, think of a diffuser as a bouquet of flowers, you'll smell the fragrance as you walk by, but it won't necessarily fill the room with scent.  Make sure to flip the reeds over a wastebasket or sink and be sure to clean the vessel of any fragrance oil drips before placing on a delicate counter top.

5" H - 125ml x 2 - YUMMI Scented Oil Reed Diffusers - 2 Pack

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