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Wholesale Pillar Candles

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Yummi® wholesale pillar candles are the highest quality and the best wholesale pillar candle bulk prices in 3x4", 3x6", 3x8", 4x4", 4x6", 5x5". Bulk pillar candles available in traditional white and ivory staples, you will also find an additoinal 42 colors of high quality pillar candles for cheap pillar candle prices.  Wheather you are shopping for your wedding or a special occasion Yummi® Candles has the selection, prices and service to meet your needs. We have been a favorite online destination with brides-to-be, weddings planners and home decorators as well as restaurants, florist and specialized busniess looking for candles in hard to find sizes and colors. 

3"x4" - Wholesale 3" Pillar Candles
3"x6" - Wholesale 3" Pillar Candles
3"x8" - Wholesale 3" Pillar Candles
4"x4" - Wholesale Unscented Column Pillar Candles
4"x6" - Wholesale Unscented Column Pillar Candles
5"x5" - Wholesale Unscented Column Pillar Candles

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