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Light Rose Floating Candles - 1.75"

1.75" 2.25" 3" SQ 2.25"
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  • SKU 120006
  • 5hrs
  • 20 Pack
  • Assembled in Canada with ingredients from USA, Canada & Europe
  • Ships in 1-4 business days

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Ratings: 4.6 out of 5
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Floating candles are popular and inexpensive for decorating throughout your home, wedding receptions and special events. Yummi® candles floaters are available in three round floating candle sizes: 3 inch round, 2.25 inch round, 1.75 inch round  and 2.25” square floating candle are available in 44 beautiful candle colors. They are very versatile and can also be used as floating candles for pool. Go for an exceptionally striking affect by mixing and matching colors and sizes for your wedding candle centerpiece arrangement. Add a little warmth and cozy candlelight glow to any table centerpiece by displaying colorful floating candles in floating candle holders or pillar holders for any occasion. We would love to show you how to make floating candles but then we would be giving away our family business secrets. Not to mention you would be a lot safer burning candles that have been lab tested versus home made. Yummi® Candles have been the trusted brand for quality made candles for over thirty six years.


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