Yummi Candles Established in 1976. Made in Canada.Yummi Candles has been family-owned and operated since 1976. 1-800-375-8023
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Pillar Candles

  1. 3" x 4" Pillar Candles
  2. 3" x 6" Pillar Candles
  3. 3" x 8" Pillar Candles
  4. 3" x 10" Pillar Candles
  5. 12 Slim Pillar Candles and Cylinder Vases
  6. 36 Slim Pillar Candles and Cylinder Vases
  7. 4" x 4" Unscented Column Pillar Candles
  8. 4" x 6" Unscented Column Pillar Candles
  9. 4" x 8" Unscented Column Pillar Candles
  10. 4" x 10" Unscented Column Pillar Candles
  11. 5" x 5" Unscented Column Pillar Candles
  12. 2.25" x 3" Slim Pillar Candles
  13. 2.25" x 5" Slim Pillar Candles
  14. 2.25" x 7" Slim Pillar Candles
  15. 3" x 4" Wholesale Advent Pillar Candles - Case of 12
  16. 3" x 6" Wholesale Advent Pillar Candles - Case of 12
  17. 3" x 8" Wholesale Advent Pillar Candles - Case of 12
  18. 3" x 10" Wholesale Advent Pillar Candles - Case of 12

Pillar Candles

Create a simple or elaborate display of YUMMI® Brand pillar candles available in various sizes and heights for an eye catching candle centerpiece arrangement. Our unscented pillar candles are hand over dipped in 45 trendy candle colors - ideal for any color theme and season. Available in three pillar candle widths: 3” pillar candle, 2.25” slim pillar candle and 2.25” square pillar candle for mixing and matching different heights. YUMMI® candles are always made locally to the highest level of standards! Rest assured that when buy YUMMI® you are buying the highest quality candles. Pillar candles are used for many different applications such as wedding candle centerpieces, dinner candles and general use home decor candles!

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