Yummi Candles Established in 1976. Made in Canada.Yummi Candles has been family-owned and operated since 1976. 1-800-375-8023
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*Excludes the Set of 72 Votives in Clear and Wholesale Tealights*
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*Excludes the Set of 72 Votives in Clear and Wholesale Tealights*

Tealight + Votive Holders

  1. YUMMI Metallic Votive Holders - Set of 12
  2. Yummi Votive Holders - Set of 12
  3. Yummi Matte Votive Holders - Set of 12
  4. White Quartz Tealight Holder
  5. Amethyst Cluster Tealight Holder
  6. Rough Rose Quartz Tealight Holder
  7. Selenite Top Polished Tealight Holder
  8. Sitting Buddha Tealight - Antique Silver
  9. Buddha Head Tealite Holder
  10. Vellas Tealight Candle Holder
  11. Turnover Tealight Holder
  12. Rubik Square Tealight Holder
  13. Large Thick Wall Tealight Holder

Tealight + Votive Holders

Create a wonderful candle arrangement by displaying different size and colors of votive candles and tealight candles with our selection of votive and tealight candle holders. Yummi Candles have been the trusted brand for quality made candles for over thirty years.

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